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icons and psds

jonas brothers

kristen stewart

alex pettyfer

new moon and cast

glee and cast

robert pattinson
(i removed these icons to avoid any issues with Vanity Fair or Livejournal)


*all these psds are password protected. comment asking me for the password and i will reply with a screened comment. make sure you have your email notifications turned on.

psd29: irrevocably
psd30: november
psd31: adventures

- Textless icons are not bases.
- Comment. Credit dayzee38 not velvetshaped.
- Do not hotlink.
- Resource post here.
- Watch the community!

24 Glee and Cast
22 Jonas brothers
22 New Moon and Cast
18 Kristen Stewart
14 Robert Pattinson
10 Alex Pettyfer
03 PSDs
Tags: actor: alex pettyfer, actor: cory monteith, actor: robert pattinson, actress: ashley greene, actress: dakota fanning, actress: dianna agron, actress: jane lynch, actress: kristen stewart, actress: lea michele, band: jonas brothers, maker: aysha, maker: dayzee38, movie: new moon, musician: joe jonas, musician: kevin jonas, musician: nick jonas, tv: glee, type: icons, type: psd

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